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Professional advocacy for the social impact sector 


At Spinnaker, we pride ourselves on an advocacy philosophy that puts the client first. We care about your mission and offer both practical and creative policy solutions to the issues impacting not-for-profit organizations and their communities. We provide federal representation for the social impact sector, offering a suite of services specialized to meet the needs of each organization.

Our Government Relations Services

About Spinnaker
Our Services


Legislation & Policy​

Spinnaker clients are plugged in on policy proposals and authorizing legislation that may impact their organization and the communities they serve. We shape existing policy and drive new legislation. 

Grassroots Organizing​

At their heart, social impact organizations are about the people they serve. At Spinnaker, we demystify the legislative and policy-making processes and make it accessible to everyone. We will help the people you serve to understand the decisions that Washington is making that affect them, and how to empower their own voices through strategy and organization.

Coalition Building

Effective advocacy often means harnessing the power of many voices to collaborate and achieve results beyond the scope of one single institution or organization. Spinnaker understands power of collective action of affecting change in Washington. We are experienced leaders and contributors of both new and existing coalitions.  

Visibility and Engagement

It takes a big-picture approach to maximize success in advancing policy agendas in Washington D.C. Spinnaker’s philosophy focuses on raising organizations’ visibility within Congress and the Executive Branch.




Identifying clients' future needs. 

Driving results. 

We are results-oriented and hold ourselves accountable. Our government relations strategies are continuously reviewed, measured, and evaluated (and modified when necessary) in real-time to ensure we achieve the results our clients needs. 

We guide our clients through planning for the future needs of their organization as well as the emerging trends that will affect their communities in the next 12 to 36 months.


We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement a comprehensive government relations strategy that places them ahead of the federal policy-making and funding cycles.


We identify clients’ public policy goals and objectives, and outlines clear strategies and tactics as a path to achieving success. 

Strategic Planning
The Treasury Department building is a fa

Federal Funding

Affecting funding levels.

At Spinnaker, we help our clients be effective

advocates for federal funding, guiding them through

the appropriations process and advocating for

specific programs that align with their priorities.


Accessing funding sources.

We not only ensure key federal programs are funded

at the necessary levels, but that our clients are able to

effectively access those funding streams. We work

hand-in-hand with our clients to guide them through the

complex and competitive federal grant-making processes. We

work to truly understand the scope of yours services so that we can be creative and proactive in finding federal funding sources that meet your current and future needs. 

Shaping funding streams.

Federal funds are often siloed, restrictive, and inflexible. At Spinnaker, we help our clients to shape federal programs to meet the distinct needs of their constituents and communities. We work to ensure federal funding is effective, efficient, and accessible to all those it is intended to serve. 

Federal Funding

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(202) 731-1577


1823 Monroe Street NE

Washington, DC 20018

Follow us for the latest DC news, interviews with advocates, and more. 

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