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Why Spinnaker?

Not your typical lobbyists. 

We are invested in our clients. We learn your programs, your mission, and the community and people you serve so that we can be proactive in advancing innovative policy solutions that will further your goals. 


Our team functions more like embedded staff than outside consultants. We provide not just advocacy strategy, but policy substance and expertise. 


As government relations professionals who specialize in representing the social impact sector, we are invested in your success because we know your mission matters.


Our clients are fighting everyday to ensure people have the health, livelihood, shelter, education, and opportunity necessary to thrive.

Why Spinnaker

What is a 'Spinnaker'?

A spinnaker is a large sail, often used in racing. It is representative

of our firm’s advocacy philosophy as a spinnaker requires

forethought, strategy, teamwork, and nuance.


Spinnakers also reward those racers who do not follow the

crowd but carefully plot their own unique course. If used correctly,

with good judgement and grit, a spinnaker will draw its boat to the front of the race.

Sailing yacht race. Yachting. Boat with
What is a 'Spinnaker'?


Spinnaker GR is more than a lobbying firm - they approach the work as a true partner, digging in deep to understand how policy and advocacy fits into the mission, vision, and personality of an organization.


As a national membership organization, relationships matter to Youth Collaboratory, and having an expert on the Hill who genuinely cares about our cause makes a huge difference. We have been able to move important legislation and increase appropriations based primarily on Spinnaker’s tireless efforts, which includes engaging local providers and connecting them to the key decision-makers in DC. If you want a true partner in your work, who will make complicated policy issues understandable and actionable, Spinnaker Government Relations is your firm.

Kristen Truffa | Associate Director | Youth Collaboratory

Christopher Fisher is tremendously passionate about how government can be a force for good and help nonprofits to do their work effectively. He is deeply invested in Carnegie Hall’s organizational priorities, as well as the priorities of the greater cultural and nonprofit communities. Through his strategic thinking, knowledge of the state-of-play, and relationship-building skills, Chris has been incredibly effective at increasing our presence and relevance at the federal level, allowing Carnegie Hall to become a leader in the field.


Spinnaker GR has the intimacy of a small shop with the knowledge of a K Street firm. Chris is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work; whether drafting high-level communications or securing meetings with top appropriators in Congress, Chris rises to the occasion of everything we ask of him.

David Freudenthal | Director of Government Relations |Carnegie Hall

"Spinnaker Government Relations is a thoughtful and deeply skilled guide on congressional relations. As we in the youth homelessness movement work to advance policies on Capitol Hill that are explicitly grounded in racial equity, Chris Fisher consistently shows up with pragmatic support, strategy, a willingness to be challenged and learn, and a commitment to justice."

Megan Gibbard Kline | Executive Director | A Way Home America

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